Learning Design Technology Project | LDT

LDT stands for Learning , Design and technology, and the project intends to design system or device for educational use based on future type technology.

Roleplaying Cube is a cooperative game where each of the players have their own role to deduce the correct answer. Different players can only see different pieces of the answer, and only the leader can see it as a whole.

Consequently, it is hard to get to the goal without the leader’s proper control. Children can experience different roles in this game, and thus can be actively involved in various social experiences.


| Samsung Design Membership Project 2008
| Team work with Sungjoon Kim, Sook-kyung Lee
| 2008.04 – 2008.08
| Samsung Design Membership Annual Exhibition 2008


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Central block is the core unit of the whole game, and belongs to the leader. Leader controls the whole team and helps each of the players to cooperate together. This role can be assigned to a less sociable child so that she or he can be more sociable through experience.

Answer appears on the side of the central block, and only the leader can see it. The progress is shown in the hologram on the upper face of the block, and everybody can see it.

Different blocks are assigned to each of the players, and these blocks contain different hints for the answer. For instance, the player who has the hint for the Top View can deduce the answer by discussing with the teammates.

Since it is impossible to deduce the correct answer from one specific hint, it is crucial for the leader to lead the teammates to the right direction.


| Samsung Design Membership Project 2008